Asia is resilient and can bounce back in the face of challenges, says Credit Suisse regional CEO


The Asia Pacific CEO of Credit Suisse is bullish on Asia’s growth.

“I’m very excited about the region … the entrepreneurs are very resilient, the people are resilient — hardworking, and I think that’s the biggest asset that the region has to continue to grow,” Helman Sitohang told CNBC at the Credit Suisse Asian investment Conference in Hong Kong on Monday.

“One thing which is very exciting about the region is the ability to adapt, to really adjust to the changes etc., and then come back,” Sitohang said. “The region has resilience of the people, the resilience of the entrepreneurs, to adapt.”

He says the region’s adaptability is whyso many entrepreneurs have been flocking to its shores. According to Sitohang, Asia is home to the highest number of entrepreneurs.

Asked if there were opportunities for Asia in the ongoing trade conflict between the U.S. and China, Sitohang said: “In every shift of resources, there’s always somebody that will benefit.”

He said Southeast Asia would likely be a beneficiary.

“I don’t think it’s a loss for China either as well, because China obviously has other parts that they can contribute and also adapt, and the country has amazingly been able to continue to grow at a strong pace,” Sitohang added.

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