Yale rescinds admission of student connected to college cheating scheme


Yale University has rescinded the admission of a student linked to the national college admissions scandal that implicated 50 people, including celebrities, coaches and administrators, in paying and accepting bribes to get students into elite colleges.

Thomas Conroy, Yale University spokesman, told CNBC the university “has rescinded the admission of one student as a result of this matter,” but did not identify the student’s exact association with the school.

It’s the latest university response to the scheme in which students — most of whom did not know about their parents’ actions, prosecutors say — begin to face a reckoning. Federal prosecutors have said the schools are victims in the scam.

The former Yale women’s soccer coach, Rudy Meredith, was charged with taking a $400,000 bribe to accept an applicant who did not play soccer, according to the indictment. Meredith resigned and will plead guilty to fraud-related charges.

Last week, the University of Southern California blocked students linked to the scandal from registering for classes and getting their transcripts, and said it had identified six current applicants associated with the indictment and would reject them.

Other universities implicated include Georgetown, UCLA, the University of San Diego, the University of Texas and Wake Forest.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed by several college students against 8 universities in connection with the scheme. The suit claims more than $5 million in damages and accuses each school of being “negligent in failing to maintain adequate protocols and security measures in place to guarantee the sanctity of the college admissions process.”

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