Wise Loan’s “Nest Egg” Rewards Program

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “rewards program”? Probably something about savings, discounts, or free items comes to mind. At Wise Loan, a rewards program is defined as a way to give back to our loyal customers not only through material items, but through a customer experience that is unmatched. Wise Loan’s “Nest Egg” Rewards Program is one way we give back to our customers for their service and to let them know that we are here to help them when they need it most. But what do we mean when we say “Nest Egg”?

How Does the Nest Egg Program Work?

Think of your bank account as a baby that you must watch over and protect as it grows. If it is neglected, it may never grow to maturity. You must be smart with managing it and continue to help it grow through savings. The “Nest Egg” Rewards Program is the helping hand in doing just that. Your “Nest Egg” grows as each loan is paid off. For each $1,000 borrowed and paid promptly, $50 is deposited in your account. Let it build and begin borrowing from yourself or withdraw the balance as needed. Over time, as payments are made, your “Nest Egg” will continue to grow into a reliable savings account to be used at your discretion.

The “Nest Egg” Program allows Wise Loan customers to apply cash rewards to obtain a discount on a future Wise Loan. A customer will be eligible for cash rewards or rewards discount upon payment in full of the customer’s current Wise Loan. If the customer wishes to have the rewards discount paid directly to them, the customer must elect to use his or her cash rewards, and acknowledge the reward discount, before the cash reward is paid directly to them. Otherwise, the reward discount will be automatically applied to the customer’s next loan and all future loans, unless the customer elects to have the direct payment made.

Wise Loan knows that customer satisfaction is key to forming lasting relationships. These relationships allow our customers to build personal connections with our employees and to feel comfortable working with them. The “Nest Egg” Rewards Program is another way that we strive to give back to our customers to continue to form that relationship that can’t be measured by any value of money. Stay Wise!

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